Progressive Course

In previous certified basic courses, participants have repeatedly requested more time to explore the depths of available knowledge. This, combined with both course and content evaluation, has encouraged NETSTAP to offer progressive courses.

We invite you and your employees who are already experienced in clinical trials, or have completed the basic course, to take the opportunity to gain further qualifications.

What are the advantages of such training for doctors?

  • They will be able to analyze and understand the design of a clinical study.
  • They will deepen their knowledge and experience on the basis of a practical example of a clinical study.
  • They become aware of current political developments their implementation (EU directives, etc.).
  • They learn tips and tricks on better time management and how to optimise a doctor's sugery for study purposes.
  • They acquaint themselves with the pitfalls of studying, and how to avoid them.
  • They receive, with this qualification, the right to adequate compensation.
  • They learn how to handle audits and FDA inspections, thereby optimising their own quality management.

Topics addressed during the progressive program:

  • Understanding and evaluating the design of a study 
  • Detailed analysis of a study based on a practical example
    • The complete study protocol
    • The structure of the investigator file
  • "Pitfalls"
  • How do I make my practice fit for studies?
  • Current political development, "EU-GCP", " AMG Novelle"
  • Quality assurance / special aspects
    • Audit
    • FDA Inspection
    • Consequences of fraudulent activity



  • Prof. Dr. Albrecht Bufe (M.D.)
    Kinder-/Jugendarzt und Allergologe
    Ruhr-Uni Bochum
  • Dr. Roland Knecht (M.D)
    Kinder-/Jugendarzt and Allergologe
  • Eike Stöckmann
    Geschäftsführerin NETSTAP e.V.