NETSTAP – the competent partner for clinical studies in pediatrics with approx. 100 NETSTAP sites nationwide

NETSTAP provides a network of pediatric sites scientifically qualified for clinical trials with potential subjects in all age groups, including especially neonates and infants.

Indication areas are vaccination studies and studies on special therapeutics in infectious diseases, in dermatology, allergology, pneumology and infant nutrition.

Internal communication channels enable rapid involvement of the sites in the upcoming studies.

The centers are excellently qualified in GCP-ICH as part of an own NETSTAP training program.

A NETSTAP advisory board provides rapid and expert feedback on study protocols. Feasibility surveys can be conducted quickly with reliable and realistic predictions of recruitment numbers. We obtain the necessary documents from the centers for ethics submissions.

We conduct contract and budget negotiations on behalf of the centers and guarantee legally audited and reliable relationships. We handle payment transactions with the centers from begin with to the end of the study.

In the course of the study, regular update meetings are held with the centers. We guarantee supportive communication during the recruitment period, the further conduct and completion oft he study.